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Seven Sisters by James B Hunt

James on the symbolism of the painting...

"hmm..... okay. this will probably make me sound like a complete lunatic, and i assure you, i feel perfectly sane....

i was working through a very difficult time, and it had taken a toll on my perception of reality. this painting was started as sort of a "love letter" for my 'friends' residing in the pleiades, an open star cluster located in the constellation taurus. this painting, like the others, was painted in code, with hundreds of hidden images relaying a message for 'ban and baf', the two characters in the painting. obviously the star cluster reveals itself repeatedly in the piece, but the piece isn't so much about the cluster as it is the cluster's inhabitants.

now, before i go on, let me explain that i was not in my right mind at the time this was created. repeated lack of sleep combined with the stress of dealing with several family tragedies and tribulations, not to mention the excessive use of mood-altering stimulants, caused me to believe that ban and baf had been sending me transmissions via secret broadcasts on AM 1580, radio disney. certain words, notes, phrases and sounds would come across as part of a message. i spent most of my time documenting these 'messages'. one night, a character named 'bas' came into the picture, in the form of an astral bird. this came from a phrase heard in a radio disney song: 'i'm like a bird; i'll only fly away'. i had no clue why it was spoken or what it's purpose was to me but i worked the bird character into the painting as well as my own personal life. all three characters in the foreground form a symbol of the seven sisters, a "star" of sorts. the background of the painting reveals the location of these beings revealed in the positioning of all stars in the autumn's eastern skies. the overall message of the piece is that the bird gives birth to ban and baf, the source of all creative energy residing in earth's own manbird (me).

like i said, i know it sounds crazy. i have since been treated and i feel very sane now. i am also drug-free."

Read an enlightening interview for "This Modern", a small (tiny) zine, by James B hunt.

Lov-E my James [migrations]

I gotta higher res. photo for ya offline.

L0vE theE FamiL-E
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