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all hail linux ...

what a night. Yesterday, I was trying to install some software off of my
soundblaster cd to aid me in creating some music for my band [I'm a Frayed Knot
said the Pioneer Plaque], and i encountered some problems with my os. After
installing the software and rebooting, I could no longer boot into XP. I would
get a halt with a blue screen and a memory dump. Luckily, all the files I wanted
to keep were on another partition.

So tonite, I formated the partition with Windows and proceeded to reinstall. I got
the same damn screen half-way though the install. So I formated again and
installed 2000. The same thing happened. Again I formatted, and I attempted to
install 98. Needless to say, I got no further that my previous attempts, but I
did get the file name down that was causing the problem. So I tried Linux
Mandrake, and ... wooohooo. It installed, and here I am now.

I looked up the problem file, and as I had suspected, it is a soundblaster file.
Now, what does not make any sense to me is this : why is it having a problem
with a driver when I have reformatted ? Could be a hardware issue, but linux is
using it just find. Hrmmm. Well, I am pretty sure that I can remove the card now
and get Windows reinstalled. In the meantime, I am burning the GB's of files I
have stored up. As this will most likely take forever, I thought I would ramble
on in my journal !

Update on the last week or so ....

The other night I made some macaroni and cheese. As I was eating it, I found a
small worm and freaked out. I did not find any others in the rest, and I did not
eat the one I found. Nevertheless, I went straight to the bathroom and gagged
myself. I vomited everything out of my stomach and then drank a shot of vodka to
sterilize my tummy. I know, quite the logic. Later that night, I looked in the
mirror and had a surprise. I must have gagged myself hard, cause I popped almost
every vessel in my eye, on my eyelids, and in my forehead. Boy do I look fucked

Last night, me and migrations / migrant went into
downtown Phoenix for the art-walk. We ended up at Thought Crime and there was
quite an interesting installation there. It was entitled "TV Dinner". As you
walked in, the studio was setup like a kitchen from the 1950's. There was a
fridge, a sink, and a stove. The artist was dressed up like a 50's homemaker.
She proceeded to tell us she was cooking dinner. She walked over to the fridge,
which was full of various video tapes, and pulled one out. She then said she was
going to put the potatoes in, and then opened the oven door. Inside the oven was
a tv set. She placed the video in a vcr and closed the oven door.

"The potatoes will be done in about 30 minutes," she said. You could see the
potatoes cooking on the tv screen inside the oven. This is perfect, I thought to

She then pointed to the 'living room', and told us that the news would be on in
a minute so that we could catch up on current events.

absolutely brilliant.

Outside of Thought Crime, a 'band' that migrations did the cd cover
for, was 'playing'. It was one guy up there with a bunch of equipment and some
sheets of metal. The metal had a mic or something hooked up to it so that when
he rubbed them together he got all kind of crazy noise and feedback. It was all
pure raw noise. I thought my ears were going to bleed, but I loved seeing
someone 'performing' noise. I hope it pissed some people off.

On a side note, I also got to meet Michael 23 [weeeeeeeeee], and I got a Thought
Crime 23 shirt.

A great night.

Tonight... well I already bitched about tonite.

Tomorrow... there is a spectacular free extravaganza at Tempe Town lake
tommorow. I got the flyer for it while at King Tut last week. It is supposed to
be a Middle Eastern festival of sorts I believe, but I am not too sure. There
will be henna tattoos there. If I am lucky, there will be belly dancers too.
Gotta love em. Me and James are packing up the chillins in the stroller and
heading out there anyways. Should be a good time as well.

Well, I should really give up on this for now and go to sleep.
nite for now...
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