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update - long over due

It has been quite a while since my last post. I have been busy doing everyday things – laundry, dishes, cooking … It never seems to end. Besides that, I have managed to get out a few times. I have been hanging out with 13dreams [Sage] quite a bit. We went to King Tut a few weeks ago, and then to Oasis a week after that. They are both Middle Eastern restaurants. They have a comfy area where you can sit on decorative cushions at little tables. They also offer hookahs with flavored tobacco. It was one of the best times I have had “going out” in a long time. I usually get bored easily with places, but the atmosphere was comfortable and charming, as was the company. We also went to see Domba perform at the Hypno-Twists CD release party. That was another great evening. Beautiful girls dancing in exquisitely adorned costumes just make my day.

I have also been hanging out with
museless42 [Charlie], though not as often as I would like. I have grown quite fond of him. He brought lots of yummy food over on Thanksgiving morning, and put up with my crazy elders. It was delicious! I sat him down and made him watch Moulin Rouge [grrr, I love the way that is directed – it’s beautiful!]. I think he liked it. After Charlie went to work, I went over to Sage’s parent’s house to Thanksgiving dinner! It was nice; They had different food there than what I had already eaten. His family was very nice, and they sure loved to see the Twins [zoskia]! Oh. Oh. Oh! I also got to catch Dralion on TV. This weekend, they apparently showing all Cirque Du Soleil on Bravo! .

Side Note: Little Star sat up for 30 seconds today all on her own !

I really need to take some more photographs and update my pages. I was thinking of posting some I already have that I do not believe I ever posted. As for the promotion of creativity, you must check out migrations [James B Hunt’s new art journal] & shannonkringen [Goddess Kring].

Here is a sample of James's work :

I do not have Shannon's permission to post any of her work. You will just have to check it out yourself ! She seems like a very interesting lady. I admire the way she seems to live in another dimension that she wove herself.
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