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a moonpeice . . .

Strange Birds, indeed.

Funny Sage, when you left this morning and I walked back through the fence, the kitten that I had been looking for a few seconds earlier was waiting outside my door. I let him in and proceeded to do exactly what I recall doing in my dream last night : emptying half a can of tuna into a particular dish and giving it to the chap. After that, he did not really want to leave. He sat on my lap for a while, I snapped a few pics of him, and then he hid under the bed. I had to get the remainder of the tuna out to lure him out the door. heh. I should name him velo :]

VELO (meaning "fiets" or "bike" in Flemish dialect)

Velo is the term used to describe and encompass every aspect of Arakashain life. All are parts and segments of the greater Velo. Loosley translated Velo can be thought of as meaning “The Way.” It can mean The Way of Combat (Wazkinasha), the way of blood sharing (Chykaar), the way of relations (Sarakarzu), and so on.
WTF ???

veloci-, veloc-, velo- (Latin: fast, speed, swift, and rapid).

velo -are [to cover , veil, hide].

Anyways, like I told you already, I am glad thee spirits brought you to me last night. Doh, I seems to always find myself in the stupidest of situations. I am glad we got a chance to talk. It helped me realize where I am and what I need to be focusing on. I have a lot of work to do as well ! I really feel I am here to help heal others in mind, body, and spirit. First, I must heal myself. I am thankful you have come into my life. I love you as a friend, and I love you beyond that in a way I cannot describe.

Good luck on your interview my dear. I know it is long past, but I have not received the news yet !

Light, Life, Love, and Liberty !
Love is the Law - Love under Will.

Dammit - why can't I remember that when I need to ?
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