Wise words from the departing (lunarmoon23) wrote,
Wise words from the departing

Well, I can always ramble about my day. However, it was rather uneventful. Last night, my dear friend Sage came over. We drank. We talked. We listened to music. He played my guitar. We played with the chillins and cuddled. He also helped me cleanse and protect my new home. It was amazing how much the energy changed. It is much more comfortable now. Maybe I will not be as paranoid as I have been in the last week. No more walking around the yard with a machete in one hand and a hammer in the other, looking for intruders ! Yay for me ! Heh. Thanks Sage. I had a wonderful evening with you.


This morning, I got up and cooked us some rather interesting breakfast. Veggies & Eggs. However, they were not the type of veggies you would normally put in eggs. It was OK. It was filling at least.

Few hours later....
I decided I better get cleaned up, as I had a lot that I was SUPPOSED to do. I thought that I would try to give Zowie a shower too, and I brought her in along with me. She did not seem to mind. I am not too sure how much she liked it, but she did not get upset. I think the rough flow of the water was a little much for her sensitive skin. After our shower, we got dressed and went to sit under the shade tree in the yard. Eli was still asleep on the couch, so we got to spend some one on one time together. Zowie started to get a little grumpy after a while, and it was apparent that she was getting tired. We went and laid down on the bed. She fell asleep immediately in my arms. We both napped for a good three hours or more. All the while, Eli was still snoozing on the couch. It was almost 5PM when we aroused due to little Eli waking up with a hungry cry. They ate. I ate. We sat and laughed together, playing games. I was supposed to go meet a new friend today, and also go to my old place to clean up the mess I had left. I did neither. I was too anxiety ridden to pick up the damn phone to call him, and too lazy to go over to my grandmothers to clean. So, I just spent the day with my little ones, which was nice.

Tomorrow, I have to go clean my mess. I just have to. I arranged another meeting with my friend at 11AM. I am going to try to make it to the Hare Krishna Temple at 5PM, but I am not sure if I will be finished with my duties. I hope I make it. I want to take the chillins. I have never been before. I would like to learn about it, and meet a few new people. Plus, there is supposed to be good food there ! Yum.

going going for now.
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